The company PV-Systems was founded in 2010 after my departure from Erweki. Initially, we were focused on provision of maintenance services and OQ / PQ for pharmacy. Industry knowledge, acquired over the last 10 years with the renowned manufacturer of laboratory equipment (as head of the service), allowed me to get to know the expectations of customers, the same equipment as well as the quality and after-sales service. To meet these expectations, in the middle of the year, the company PV-Systems is a distributor of laboratory equipment from Copley Scientific (kits for testing inhalers and not only).

Then in the second half of 2010 established cooperation with Charles Ischi AG, a manufacturer of professional equipment for testing the hardness of tablets, automatic dissolution "DISI" and many other solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Most of the hardness of a tablet is just Ischia (trade name of Kreamer) I !!

At the end of 2010, has started cooperation with LOGAN INSTRUMENTS with the US specializing in the production of systems for the release of active ingredient from the dosage form.

All machines are characterized by very good quality, stable and intuitive workflow software (nothing hangs). Compatible solutions and quick service in case of any problems is indispensable and irreplaceable. I met customer expectations and I realize that a small price at the time of purchase does not compensate for additional hardware problems, loss of time and trust the brand.