The versatile tablet hardness testing devices in the P-Series offer you the latest technology, space-saving design and maximum flexibility.


You can tailor the basic tablet hardness testers (P2, P3, P4 and P5) to your needs with the practical 'Plug & Play' extension modules. This allows you to upgrade the semi-automatic basic devices to a fully-automatic testing systems at any time.

New Design

The new LAB.line design also offers many practical advantages. It is very easy to clean due to generous radii, rounded edges and a smooth surface.

Multiparameter Testing

The P5 version automatically tests five parameters.

Using the new patented tablet positioning systems which are integrated into the hardness and length-diameter-width measurement station, the tablets are accurately positioned for measurement.


Tablet Positioning

vibrALIGN is the most efficient system and positions most shapes of tablets.

The ROTO system is used for easier shapes without width measurement. You can change the surface be turning the plate into three different positions: flat, light groove and deep groove.

The BELT system is used for difficult shapes as it can position the tablets even more accurately during the hardness, lenght/diameter and width measurement. 




Modulowy-Twardosciomierz-Tabletek-System-Testujacy LAB.line
Modulowy-Twardosciomierz-Tabletek-System-Testujacy LAB.line