UTS IP65i - Hermetically Sealed & Washable

Containment + WiP Tablet Testing System

Hermetically Sealed & Washable

The UTS IP65i is an addition to washable and tablet presses for WIP or WOL applications for processing medium and highly potent products up to OEB level 5.

As an addition to the existing dust-proof and easy-to-clean testing system UTS4.1-S10 / UTS IP54 - IP LR, the UTS IP65i is the first fully washable, universal testing system and is the only one of its kind in the world. The working space/testing area corresponds to the protection class IP65 and the cleaning process is conducted in a controlled manner.

The integrated failsafe system rules out any potential operating errors as early as the preparatory phase as well as during the washing process, thus ensuring error-free processes. For the washinig programmes, user-defined parameters set the washing period per wash cycle, the number of wash cycles and the length of each individual washing phase.

UTS IP65i - Hermetically Sealed & Washable
UTS IP65i - Hermetically Sealed & Washable


  • 5 integrated washing nozzles
  • WIP system - wash-in-place
  • WOL system - wash offline 
  • Integrated 360° LED status display
  • Hermetically-sealed system, OEB 5 class               
  • Insulator is superfluous



  • PH21 software  
  • Single tablet feed design
  • Hood with glove parts


The system can be used in the various applications:

  • Online, controlled by tablet press
  • Standalone with PH21 software
  • Online with PH21 software