The touch screen is an ideal addition to our tried and tested tablet testing systems. Switching is very easy, as the interface is modelled on the familiar appearance. The intuitive menu navigation offers many advantages:


Centering and Measuring Unit for Oblong-Shaped Tablets

The Oblong Centering Unit (OZB) is available as an optional module and can be retro-fitted to all UTS testing systems from version 4. The centering unit is installed above the hardness measuring station. Products with longer shapes, such as oblong tablets, are accurately positioned and guided without contact during the hardness test.

Customer-specific centering jaws are available for unusual tablet shapes.

Automated Feeding, Collecting and Sorting diverter

Feeder and sample collector

Do you have different products and not much time? Automate and accelerate the testing process! Using the sample feeder, the testing devices do the work for you - no need to start each test procedure individually. The additional sample collector enables undamaged tablets to be stored for measurement later. The sample feeder and sample collector are available in three sizes - with 12, 24 and 48 stations.



Fast Transportation of Tablets from the Tablet Press to the Testing Tystem.

In the ATS air conveying system, tablets are sampled directly on the press and transported to the corresponding testing device through a hose - even across large distances and to other rooms.


For removing tablets on the press and feeding them to the testing system.

Use the sampling diverter to monitor production autonomously on older tablet presses or those that are not fully automated. Sampling is controlled by PH21 software and is not linked to the press.


Exchangeable load cells for particularly hard or soft tablets

The measuring range extension for the hardness test station is used for particularly hard or soft tablets. For IPC.line testing devices, the load cells can be replaced at a later stage and adjusted to the new products. 


Practical stainless steel transportation equipment with four casters - two lockable and two rotatable.

The testing systems are quick and easy to assemble, allowing simple transportation. The weight of the solid, industrial constructions should not be underestimated.

If the testing devices are mounted on casters, they must not be lifted when being moved within the press room or between press rooms.


Kraemer Tablet Testing Systems have successfully been in operation for many years, in the laboratory as well as in the production in direct connection with tablet presses.
Hardware and Software of the Kraemer testers are continuously being improved. Especially for the tablet handling and orientation, significant improvements were introduced over the last few years.