Disintegration Testing

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DisintegrationTesting - Basket

Copley Scientific offers a complete range of accessories for
use with the DTG series, from complete basket rack assemblies to individual tubes, disks and sieve meshes.

All parts are manufactured to tolerances that are equal to or
better than those quoted in the respective Pharmacopoeias and carefully checked prior to despatch.


The Tablet Disintegration Tester Series DTG is the result of over 50 years experience in the field of pharmaceutical testing.

The series is available with one (DTG 1000), two (DTG 2000), three (DTG 3000) or four (DTG 4000) test stations. Each individual test station is capable of accepting one batch of six tablets or capsules. The DTG 2000IS is also available, which has two test stations, but with independent control over each test station.

DisintegrationTestingIntroduction - Basket

It has long been recognised that before a tablet/hard gelatine capsule can dissolve and hence allow the active drug to be absorbed into the body, it must first disintegrate into smaller particles.

The current apparatus described in the Pharmacopoeias was designed to provide a reproducible and standardised method of ensuring that disintegration has taken place. Each of the tablets to be tested is placed in one of 6 vertical tubes arranged in a circular basket arrangement. The lower end of the tubes is covered by a sieve mesh.