Immersion Cell

An alternative to the Vertical Diffusion or Franz Cell for testing semisolids, the Immersion Cell is used with a special flat bottomed version of the 200 mL Small Volume Conversion Kit and a mini version of the conventional USP Apparatus 2 Paddle Method.

The PTFE Immersion Cell is designed to accommodate a 25 mm diameter membrane. It comprises four main parts:

  • A retaining ring which secures the membrane to the cell body.
  • A washer which holds the membrane in contact with the sample.
  • The membrane or skin and
  • The cell body which contains the compartment in which the sample to be tested is placed.

The cell is provided with an alignment tool and an adjustment tool that allows the user to vary the volume of the reservoir within the cell.

For comprehensive product details, specifications and part numbers, please request a copy of our brochure “Quality Solutions for the Testing of Pharmaceuticals”.