Thickness Testing

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Calipers and Tablet Thickness Testers

The calipers and tablet thickness testers featured in this section are simple, easy to us instruments designed for use by the press operator on the compression floor.

The Digital Caliper Model 500 is an inexpensive hand-held electronic caliper and is particularly useful for the press operator as being extremely useful to use and completely dust resistant. The data produced by the caliper can be down loaded to a Statistical Data Processor or PC if so desired.

Introduction to Thickness Testing

The thickness of tablets is critical to their therapeutic effectiveness.

All tablets, where the active ingredient comprises a major part of the tablet are required to meet a weight variation test. It is assumed that providing the weight of the tablet is kept within defined limits that the amount of active drug available to the user will remain the same.

The weight of a compressed tablet is dependent on three factors:
density, diameter and thickness. In theory, the density of the powder blend and the diameter of the resultant tablet (which is dictated by the die wall) should remain unchanged.