Powder Density Testers

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Tapped Density

The Tapped Density Testers Series JV have been designed to measure the tapped density (or tap density) of powders, granules and similar products in accordance with USP Chapter <616> Method 2 and Ph.Eur. Chapter 2.9.15.

This technique is particularly useful in powder flowability studies and also in determining the amount of settlement during transit to optimise pack sizes e.g., washing powders.

Tapped density is achieved by mechanically tapping a measuring cylinder (i.e. raising the cylinder and allowing it to drop a specified distance under its own weight) containing the sample under test.

Bulk Density

The bulk density of powders can be extremely difficult to measure since the slightest disturbance may cause a change in the results.

This is the consequence of the relationship between the particles that constitute the powder bulk. This same relationship affects the ability of the powder to flow.

The bulk density of a powder is measured in a Scott Volumeter. It may be described as the density of the powder “as poured” into a measuring vessel.