The CIW automatic weighing system allows you to weigh tablets, tablet cores, capsules and similar products during or after the production process.

Based on the UTS tablet testing systems by Kraemer, the CIW 6.2 standard device also offers a tablet separating system and a special transport star in order to position the test specimen accurately on the integrated scale. All parts that need to be cleaned can be dismantled quickly and easily without tools.

UTS IP65i - Hermetically Sealed & Washable

Containment + WiP Tablet Testing System

Hermetically Sealed & Washable

The UTS IP65i is an addition to washable and tablet presses for WIP or WOL applications for processing medium and highly potent products up to OEB level 5.

As an addition to the existing dust-proof and easy-to-clean testing system UTS4.1-S10 / UTS IP54 - IP LR, the UTS IP65i is the first fully washable, universal testing system and is the only one of its kind in the world. The working space/testing area corresponds to the protection class IP65 and the cleaning process is conducted in a controlled manner.

UTS IP65 - Protection class - Wash in Place

The UTS IP65 is designed for operation in isolators or washing bays and is fitted with a pressure equalisation function.

The UTS IP65 is largely identical to the UTS IP54, with the following differences:

UTS IP54 - LR - Protection class - Easy to Clean

The UTS IP54 - (IP LR) is designed to enable the working space/test area to be thoroughly cleaned. The device is very easy to maintain as all parts can be completely dismantled without the use of tools in order to be cleaned.

In the feeder chute, the tablets are automatically dedusted, separated and transported to the test area. Here, a computing system is responsible for positioning the tablets on the measurement stations. This positioning method before the hardness tester allows almost any shape of tablet to be optimally positioned for measuring the diameter and hardness. The stop bar, slider and transport segment can be optimally adapted to any product. These parts can be exchanged with very little effort when the product changes.

UTS Extended - Automatic Testing System with VisioNIR

Nowadays, batches easily reach sizes of >1,000,000 tablets. However, only 30 tablets are used for content uniformity (CU) release testing. But there can be many more...This same assay of samples is typically checked for other parameters such as weight, hardness, thickness and diameter.

These huge batch sizes and the trend for the change to continuous production require rapid and accurate analysis methods such as the well-known parameter tester Universal Test System (UTS4.1/CM) from Kraemer Elektronik and the rapid NIR measurement device VisioNIR LS for CU from Visiotec.

The UTS-Extended with integrated VisioNIR LS technology can check for these physical-chemical characteristics. In some cases, the thickness or the bizarre shape of the tablets does not allow the transmission measurement.

UTS S-20 Universal Tablet Testing System - Dust Proof

The new DUST-PROOF automatic tablet testing sytem, the UTS-S20.

The special cover design and the unique Kraemer sealing system for high performance duties provides the ultimate benefits for your production site:

+ Clean production environment

+ Better operator protection

+ Tailored to fit your tableting process

+ Easily connected to any tablet press


UTS  4.1 Universal Tablet Testing System

Automatic Testing System

UTS 4.1 is a universal and fully automatic tablet testing system developed for industrial applications. The UTS 4.1 is a tried and tested model within a series of tablet testing systems proven over many years abd developed in close cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry.

UTS 4.1 enables round, oval, square and rectangular tablets as well as various special shapes to be tested.
The tried and tested Oblong Centering System (OZB) can be integrated for difficult oblong tablets.